Excellence in Professionalism Award

Congratulations to Anne Tann M.D./Ph.D. student in the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences for receiving the Excellence in Professionalism Award for May. The award is given monthly by the UTMB Honor Pledge Committee to recognize a student who has shown exemplary professionalism within the UTMB community and exhibited traits of the honor pledge and the three characteristics of the professionalism charter: integrity, compassion, and respect.


A fellow classmate nominated Anne saying, “Anne was the only person on the surgery team and in the ICU who could speak with a patient suffering from stage four cancer using his native language. He was in severe pain, but could not communicate any of his concerns in English, only in his native language. Anne made herself available at every possible request of the treating physicians and nursing staff to help with translation, despite having her own duties to attend to, as this was not even her own patient. She developed such a compassionate relationship with the family that they asked for her by name every morning that I saw them. She even made herself available on a post-call day after being up for 24 hours, as the patient progressed in severity of illness until he passed away. I believe that she embodies the compassionate and altruistic qualities needed in a good physician and is much deserving of the Excellence in Professionalism award.”

Baby cakes delivery

Alexander Middle School students made mini "baby cakes" — diapers rolled up with decorative ribbons — as part of a school project addressing bullying. The students chose to support single mothers and their newborn babies by making 373 baby cakes and delivering them via Dr. Joan Richardson to the UTMB newborn nursery. The project was sponsored by Sprint Pipeline and the Elks Lodge located in Pearland, Texas.