Courtyard closure and additional covered walkways to be constructed at hospital entrance

As inspection of the exterior of the John Sealy Hospital building continues, additional measures to protect our staff, patients and visitors will be undertaken to prepare for necessary preventive maintenance that will address superficial wear and tear commonly incurred by similar buildings over the course of time.
On Monday, June 13, the entire courtyard outside the cafeteria was closed to all pedestrian traffic. In addition, scaffolding soon will go up on portions of the building exterior, and workers will be lowered from the roof of the hospital to conduct their inspections on all sides of the building. Additional protection will be installed over the building entry canopy skylight, and the temporary walkways will remain in place.
Personnel will be on site to direct vehicular and pedestrian traffic as necessary. All safety precautions are in place, and hospital vehicular and pedestrian access to the hospital’s main entrance will remain open during construction.
We appreciate your understanding as we undergo this maintenance.
Please share this information with visitors to the UTMB community.