In May 2011, UTMB Health launched a mobile-optimized view of its patient-oriented web site, If you visit the UTMB patient site using the web browser on any smart phone, you’ll get a custom display designed to be viewed on the smaller screen of your phone.
While all the information offered from the site is the same as delivered to a conventional desktop or laptop PC, the navigation is unique and designed for quick reference and ease of use. Oversized images are also omitted.
The mobile view does not require users to download any app, maintain any updates nor use a special URL. It displays automatically when visited from a smart phone web browser. A link still allows access to the full, conventional site.
To access UTMB Health’s mobile view, open the web browser installed on your smart phone (Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc.) and key in
Or, use your phone’s camera to scan our QR code:
Adding the to your iPhone Home Screen
If you are an Apple iPhone user, 30 seconds is all it takes to add a custom icon to your phone for easy access to Follow the steps below. If you have any questions, please send a message to
  1. From your iPhone, open the Safari web browser and key in the url
  2. The browser will open UTMB’s patient web site; your phone will be detected and the mobile view will automatically display. Press the  or “+” sign at the bottom center of the screen (the option you see is determined by the version of your operating system).
  3. Choose “Add to Home Screen.” A bookmark and icon will now be available for quick access to (fig. 4).
This project was made possible by the support of UTMB Health Information Services.