UTMB President Dr. David  L. Callender hitched a ride with Larry Platt of Action Personnel as he transported patients and employees to and from their cars in the UHC parking garage via golf cart - a service that was instituted by UTMB's Transportation Department when the elevators were put out of commission due to construction after the first of the year.

“Our UTMB campus is in the midst of a huge renovation with dozens of buildings being repaired and updated since Hurricane Ike. Although the changes are much needed and exciting, they require team work to help make this time of transition go as smoothly as possible - both for our UTMB employees and our patients,” said Callender.“One area where we have stepped up to the tee is in the UHC parking garage, which has been operating without elevators for several months. Transportation services transports close to 500 people a day from the hospital and clinic entrances to their vehicles in the garage, providing water and shelter as they wait for their ride. This is a fine example of how UTMB pulls together in a time of change."

Commuters are treated to bottled water, shade and welcoming smiles as they are picked up and dropped off in the sweltering heat.

Cindy Jones, UTMB greeter for patients and visitors entering and exiting the hospital and clinics from the UHC parking garage since 2003, and has worked for UTMB since 1993. “I try to make a difference,’’ she said. “That could be my mom, my grandpa, my sister. How would I like for them to be taken care of? That’s what I try to do.’’

Platt enjoys making a personal connection with his riders, saying, “I love meeting people and talking to people, try to make them feel welcome.’’