The stars were out at the First Annual Connaughtie Awards, the official name of the much anticipated 2011 Budget Awards, held September 28. Named after David “Flava Dave”Connaughton, vice president of finance for the Clinical Enterprise, the event was hosted by Donna Sollenberger, executive vice president and chief executive officer for the UTMB Health System.  Emily Blomberg, director of Health System operations, and Dr. Steve Quach, chief medical officer, graciously emceed the ceremony. It was a morning full of fun and entertainment. 

The 2011 Connaughtie Awards
Marketing Award
Best advertising for the budget presentation
Bonnie Benkula, Casey Peterson and Marjorie Kovacevich – Ambulatory Operations
Whoomp, There it Is! Award
Finding a significant variance after the budget presentation
Bert Nash – Lab Services
Penn & Teller Award
Supporting presenter with the fewest lines
Ruben Escamilla – Hospital Financial Counseling
Ben Hur Award  - Largest Cast of Extras
Filling all the seats in the room…and the nosebleed section
Owen Murray and the CMC Crew
The Mini-Me Award
Shortest budget presentation
Ben Dzialo, Volunteer Services
Dragnet Award
“Just the facts, ma’am, and no fluff.”
Danny Allen – Transportation Services
Groundhog Day Award
Waking up to a new budget calculation everyday!
James Kitchens and the budget staff - Hospital Financial Management
Lucy & Ethel Award
Best job of keeping up with the presentation and materials
Beverly Wiley – Hospital Administration
Blazing Saddles Award
Beating a Dead Horse
Wayne Baudy – Transplant Services
Dwight Schrute Award
Presentation by a Model Employee
Dr. Eric Nolen – Med Staff Services
Let’s Make a Deal Award
Most creative “ask” during the budget presentation
Suzanne Rogers – Clinical Data Management
The Flair Award
Most visual aids in a presentation
Cheryl Day – Labor & Delivery
Daniel Webster Award
Most obscure word
Kim Sergeant – Pharmacy
Freddie Krueger Award
Scariest sounding equipment
Louisa Anderson – Cath Lab
Edward Scissorhands Award
Best job of trimming the budget
Donna Graves – Patient Care Services