By Shirley McGraw

In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the UTMB Support Staff Professionals (SSP)—the first meeting was held on Sept. 16, 1956—members decided to create a quilt to display the areas of the university in which SSP members worked. 

Work began on the quilt in early 2006 with SSP members crafting individual squares. Some squares were sewn, others used embroidery, some used cross-stitch and still others chose photo transfer. The design and texture of each square showed the uniqueness and diversity of the SSP group. When the quilt was brought together as a whole it became a historical art piece, symbolizing the friendship and camaraderie of the SSP members. Amy Morrison, SSP member, and her mother sewed the quilt together. 

The quilt was presented during the SSP 50th Anniversary Celebration on July 27, 2007.  Dr. John Stobo, former UTMB president, and his wife, Mary Ann, attended the celebration which was declared to be UTMB Support Staff Professionals Day. 

The quilt was to be hung in a common area for all to enjoy and was stored for awhile until a location could be identified. It was originally stored on the first floor of the Graves Building and was moved In the spring 2008, to the second floor of the Health Professions/Nursing Building. The move was lucky because in Sept. 2008, the first floor of the Graves Building was inundated by Hurricane Ike’s flood waters. Renovations and space issues from the hurricane prolonged a permanent location for the quilt. 

Now the treasured quilt has finally found a home and will be preserved in the Moody Medical Library for many to enjoy for years to come.