Members of the UTMB community—faculty, students and staff—took part in the St. Vincent’s Art Walk, illustrating their vision of the health of the island via various art mediums including photographs, sketches, posters, paintings, culinary creations, and brochures. 

The theme, Wellness Via Art, focused on areas such as crime prevention, diversity, health care resources and island culture. The art walk provided students the opportunity to participate in community service and socialization and enrich their knowledge of the health of Galveston.

UTMB School of Nursing students who contributed to the gallery were:

Poster/handouts on crime and prevention in Galveston
Brendon Efaw
Wendy DiGiacinto
Barbara Miller
Photographs illustrating the island
Jason Fry
Sarah Nagy
Cindy Jaenhe
Poster illustrating the diversity of galveston
Katie Koonce
Cube art illustrating health disparities and health resources on the island
Jocelyn Morales
French culinary art (original French Apple Pie)
By our nursing student from France, Sarah Attias
Sketch of the island culture
Jessica Vann
Jason Fry
Faculty, Student Nursing Association members, and community class members who assisted in setting up the gallery, serving punch, pie and cookies, and who greeted and socialized with our guests.
Gabriella Lombardo
Rebecca Ingram
Felisa Lesser
Cynthia Quinonez
Jana Hemann
Julia Beoris
Raisa Galbizo
Rachel Daugherty-Faculty
Suzanne Alton-Faculty
Betty Douzar-Community
Adolfo Grajeda                 
Agus Dawanto                  
Animesh Chandra           
Additional UTMB participants:
Boone Allen                     
Carol Jenkins                    
Eric Avery                           
Jiaxin Lu                           
Jinnifer Hayden                
Julie Owen                       
kat Joel                                
Kate Fiandt                        
Leah Walker                      
Jamie Penner                   
Lisa Cain                            
Nobue Urushihara          
Ramona Holbrook           
Raws Ruffin                       
Rebecca Hester              
Sarah Perez                     
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