Significant progress was made in 2011 not only to rebuild the campus from Hurricane Ike, but also to begin an ambitious schedule of new construction over the next four years.  Highlights of 2011 completed projects completed or significantly under way include:

  • Replacement  of more than 200 street lights
  • Modernization of patient areas on the 7th and 8th floors in John Sealy Hospital
  • Installation of a temporary chiller system at the east of campus
  • More than 50 “emergency” infrastructure repairs totaling $1.8 million
  • Completion of temporary kitchen facilities for the entire UTMB complex
  • Installation of a new Sterile Processing Department
  • Redevelopment of administrative space and relocation of these functions: Benefits, Human Resources, Purchasing, Employee Assistance Program, Bursar, Parking, Alumni Affairs and University Events
  • Numerous signage and wayfinding projects, both in Galveston and at off-island facilities
  • Renovation of lobby, quad classrooms and 2nd floor labs in SON/SHPS Building
  • Construction of several training rooms in Rebecca Sealy Hospital
  • Several renovation projects at 519 Harborside, Alumni Field House, Pharmacology Building, Ferry Road Apartments, three fraternity houses, the former UTMB Child Care Center, the Research Building #17, Children’s Hospital, Brackenridge Hall and Basic Sciences Building
  • Major recovery and renovation projects in Ashbel Smith and Graves Buildings
  • Completion and opening of Victory Lakes Town Center and Sugarland RMCHP program
  • Project approvals and initial work on new Clinical Services Wing and new Jennie Sealy Hospital
Going forward in 2012, Business Operations and Facilities will continue its final year of Hurricane Ike rebuilding and forge ahead with a challenging schedule of new construction at UTMB.  Projects expected to be completed or well underway in the coming year include:
  • Victory Lakes Park & Ride facility
  • Numerous new imaging facilities in Galveston and off-island clinics, including a Bi Plane Electrophysiology (EP) suite and a new MRI
  • Installation of a new portable linear accelerator at Victory Lakes
  • Expansion of the League City Family Health Clinic
  • More than 12 major FEMA-related projects
  • Demolition of old Shrine Burns Hospital and old Jennie Sealy Hospital to make way for new construction
  • Continued modernization projects in John Sealy Hospital and Children’s Hospital
“We look back on 2011 with a great deal of pride in all that we were able to accomplish as a team,” said Mike Shriner, Vice President, Business Operations and Facilities.  “We made significant progress in rebuilding this campus from the devastation of Hurricane Ike while simultaneously planning for expansion and growth of UTMB over the next five years.  It was a very challenging, but also a very productive year.”
Photos by Kim Christensen of the Galveston County Daily News