What does UTMB mean to you?  Tell us why you are inspired to participate in the UTMB Family Campaign

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I am choosing to contribute to UTMB’s Family Campaign in honor of my UTMB Healthcare team.  I would estimate that many of our employees suffer from one or more chronic diseases like myself and without my healthcare team, I don’t know that I would be as healthy as I am today and able to work almost each and every day.  Everyone gets sick at one time or another but I know I owe my dependability to the great care I receive from my healthcare team.  I’d like to recognize Karen Hansen, MD (now retired), O. Bryan Holland, MD, Elena Shanina, MD, PhD, R. Glenn Smith, MD, PhD, and Ruben Trono, MD.  Each and every one of these physicians is outstanding in their field and keep me at my best through their care, advice and the medication they prescribe to keep me thriving as best as possible.  I am forever grateful and feel that contributing to the new hospital is one way to keep UTMB current and able to offer our patients the very best in medical care in great state of the art facilities.

Sheryl Lashway
Administrative Coordinator
Office of the President-Operations
Office of the VP Strategic Management