By Sheila Martinka

Employees of the UTMB-RMCHP Dickinson and Texas City clinics and their families joined as one team to help raise money for the Bay Area Habitat for Humanity 4th Annual Women’s Build. The team was comprised of 18 members, with 15 participating in the 5K walk at the University of Houston Clear Lake campus.

The team’s original goal was to raise $1,000 toward the cause, but as more members joined the team the goal increased to $2,500.

To date the team has raised $1465 and the good news is -- there is still time to contribute.  The walk was just the beginning. There will be work days for volunteers to sign up and help with the build.  If you are interested in participating in work days to help with the build, please visit the website.

Since 1991 Bay Area Habitat for Humanity has been building houses for families. The 2012 recipient of the 4th Annual Women’s Build is Leticia Garza. The family joined everyone for the walk and Leticia expressed her gratitude saying, “I will finally have a stable and safe house with a quiet neighborhood to raise my kids. Habitat will allow me to become a homeowner at a reasonable and affordable price that I should be able to afford to send my kids off to college, so they can grow and be productive citizens. We will have a house we can make our home. We are looking forward to hosting neighborhood and family gatherings such as dinners and BBQs!”

As for our team, we make a difference in lives everyday in the clinics. On Saturday, we made a difference in Leticia’s life by helping her reach her goal of making a house a home. Thanks to all who participated and contributed to our team effort!

UTMB team members: 

Sheila Martinka
Emily Lawson
Belinda Nava
Sue Mathis
Patricia Hicks
Gisela Gutierrez
Kathy Wurzlow
Lupita Hernandez
Jennifer Frias
Eloisa Luna
Amy Rosales
Alex Nava
Christina Barrera
Amy Pritt
Mary (Emily's Mom)
Tammy Murillo
Travis Hernandez