Delivering equipment and supply items across the UTMB campus can be a daunting task for UTMB’s Department of Logistics and Delivery with an average month totaling in excess of 32,000 deliveries and over 16,000 potential stops.


That sounds like a lot but to really get a feel for the work it takes to make it happen, the old cliché’ “take a walk in my shoes” seems to ring true.


And that is just what UTMB President Dr. David L. Callender did during one of his recent “In Your Shoes” events. 


“I recently had the opportunity to spend some time with Harry Jensen, senior materials handler, on the Logistics Delivery team to learn about his individual responsibilities and the critical role that Logistics plays at UTMB," said Callender. “Logistics supports UTMB’s mission critical processes by supplying and distributing goods and services while honoring the values of professionalism and team work.”


Jenson said he enjoyed working side-by-side with the “new kid on the block” and credited Callender with a job well done.


“I felt privileged that Dr. Callender took the time to see how our department operates. He was a great helper, when I had multiple orders he helped me take them inside and get the signatures,” Jenson said. “I think he got a better understanding of what we do by taking the physical steps that we take when we make deliveries.”