UTMB’s vision is bold: “We work together to work wonders as we define the future of health care and strive to be the best in all of our endeavors.” This vision can best be accomplished in a culture of trust—in which we acknowledge mistakes so that everyone can learn a better way, managers focus on improving processes, everyone is held accountable for ensuring safety and compliance within their work areas, and employees at every level feel comfortable voicing their opinions when they see ways to improve.
A key factor in establishing a culture of trust is personal and professional integrity. We must lay a strong foundation of ethical conduct and compliance with the law as we fulfill our individual responsibilities in advancing UTMB’s vital mission.
UTMB’s new Standards of Conduct Guide: Working with Integrity explains our long-standing commitment to ethical and legal conduct in greater detail. It is designed to provide you with a clear understanding of the respectful, professional behavior that is expected in all settings throughout the university. It is also intended to help every member of the UTMB community create and maintain a culture of trust.
To satisfy annual training requirements, you must complete an online acknowledgement form within 30 days of receiving this material, documenting that you have read the updated guide.  A certificate of completion can be accessed here.  
If you have questions about the new Standards of Conduct Guide, or if you are ever faced with a difficult decision involving integrity and ethics in your role as faculty, staff or student, please do not hesitate to contact Office of Institutional Compliance for assistance. In the meantime, thank you for all you do to make sure UTMB maintains a professional environment of trust, compassion, respect and integrity.
Thank you,
David L. Callender
Cary W. Cooper
Interim Executive Vice President and Provost
Vice President and Dean
Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences
Donna K. Sollenberger
Executive Vice President
Chief Executive Officer
UTMB Health System
William R. Elger
Executive Vice President
Chief Business and Finance Officer