Dear UTMB Health Community:

Thank you to each and every member of the UTMB Health community who participated in the UTMB Family Campaign 2012, Working Together the Future is Ours.
Throughout UTMB’s 120-year history, our employees, faculty and students have shared a deep commitment to excellence, and a desire to blaze new trails in service to others. This was clearly demonstrated in the final results of the Family Campaign, with 3,689 contributing over $3.9 million to the campaign effort and nearly 200 departments showing 100% participation.
Gifts came from every corner of the university. So many people at every level reinforced the hard work and dedication they demonstrate every day with their generosity. These gifts were for many different purposes: scholarships, resources to enhance the patient care experience, and cutting edge research. But most were for the Jennie Sealy Hospital—the magnificent facility that will soon spring up in our midst.
This generous outpouring of support is sure to inspire other potential contributors and demonstrates that we, as members of the UTMB family, are dedicated to ensuring our institution has the best resources to provide the highest quality facilities for patient care, educate future health care providers, and attract and retain the best and brightest in health care delivery and research.
We all have a stake in UTMB’s continued progress and will benefit greatly from a UTMB that is forward the full $450 million of The Working Wonders Campaign. Thank you all for your generosity and for sharing in the vision for what UTMB can be in the years to come!


Donna K. Sollenberger
Executive Vice President and
CEO, UTMB Health System

Ben G. Raimer, MD
Senior Vice President for Health Policy &
Legislative Affairs