UTMB President David L. Callender recently paid an “In Your Shoes” visit to the Sterile Processing Department, which moved to a new, temporary building near the Primary Care Pavilion in February.  The department’s journey since Hurricane Ike struck in September 2008 was documented in an article published in Impact.

Dolly McCarley, program manager, guided Callender through the facility, introduced him to the staff on duty, and asked them to explain their respective duties and responsibilities. She emphasized how critical the department is to clinical operations since it is responsible for sterilizing medical devices and instruments and is essential for functioning operating rooms and clinics.
McCarley was honored that Callender was able to take time out of his busy schedule to visit the department. Her staff was excited that he came by. In fact, she said, “staff members from the other shifts were very disappointed that they missed seeing him.”
Callender was impressed with the modern facility even though it is housed in a temporary building and admired the dedication of the staff. “The Sterile Processing employees have worked very hard to overcome significant challenges.  They are a very skilled and dedicated group, and I appreciate all that they have done to keep our Sterile Processing function in service.  It was a great honor and pleasure to spend time with some of them and to see their new facility,” he said.
McCarley and her staff members are looking forward to completion of the new Clinical Services Wing in 2015 when the Sterile Processing Department will finally be able to move into their permanent home.