Shining Stars

Dignitaries and civic leaders join the ceremonial dedication Wednesday of the new park-and-ride commute service between Victory Lakes and Galveston. UTMB is a partner in the service. Those handling the scissors and ribbon are Mike Shriner, vice president of business operations and facilities at UTMB, Dr. Ben Raimer, senior vice president of health policy and legislative affairs at UTMB, League City Mayor Tim Paulissen, and Michael Winburn, executive director of the Gulf Coast Center. The League City Chamber of Commerce hosted the event at the new $5 million Park-and-Ride Center adjacent to UTMB Health’s Specialty Care Center at Victory Lakes.
Sandra Geary, board member, Ronald McDonald House of Galveston, and co-chair, Galveston Lemonade Day, presents certificates of appreciation to brothers, Jonathan and Justin Henry, who donated proceeds from their lemonade stand to the House. Both are students at Ambassador’s Preparatory Academy in Galveston.   

Robert L. Ullrich, Ph.D., professor, Department of Radiation Oncology, and interim director, UTMB Comprehensive Cancer Center, recently learned he has been selected by the Radiation Research Society as the recipient of the Failla Award for 2012. Established in 1962 in honor of Gioacchino Failla, one of the principal founders of the Radiation Research Society, the Failla Award is given annually to one person in recognition of outstanding career research.
Ullrich will formally receive the award and deliver the Failla Lecture at the 58th Annual Meeting of the Radiation Research Society in San Juan, Puerto Rico. He has previously received the Fry Award for Young Investigators (under age 40) in 1987, and he is only the fifth person to receive both the Fry and Failla Awards.

Rebecca Saavedra, UTMB vice president for strategic management, has been appointed for the second year to serve on the 2012 Board of Examiners of the Malcolm Baldrige Performance Excellence Program within the National Institute of Standards and Technology of the U.S. Department of Commerce.

The Board of Examiners supports and evaluates the performance improvement of all types of organizations annually.UTMB President Dr. David L. Callender is a former Baldrige Examiner.

UTMB dermatology nurse James Wilson received the 2012 Daisy Award for the high caliber of nursing services he provides. 

Dr. Michael Wilkerson, associate professor of dermatology at UTMB, is president of the Texas Dermatological Society. He previously served as president of the Oklahoma Dermatological Society while living in Tulsa. 


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