UTMB is committed to ensuring campus safety and maintaining a professional working and learning environment that is free from the influence of drugs and alcohol. We believe awareness and prevention programs are key to success.

Each year, we issue a campus security report outlining our crime prevention program, including statistics and vital safety information; a fire safety report, which provides fire safety policies and statistics for UTMB’s on-campus student housing areas; and a brochure with important messages on how to maintain a drug-free campus. These publications offer a wealth of information concerning awareness and prevention of crime, building fires and related injury, and drug abuse. But most importantly, they tell you where to turn for help if you need assistance.

The 2012 editions of the Campus Security Report, Fire Safety Report and Maintaining a Drug-Free Campus brochure have been posted on the UTMB web site. By providing these materials electronically, we save money and energy, and we are able to offer you fast, fingertip access to the latest information available.
The publications are offered for your review at www.utmb.edu/securityreport, www.utmb.edu/firesafetyreport, and www.utmb.edu/drug-free. If you do not have access to the Internet and would like a printed copy of these reports, contact Campus Police at (409) 772-1503 for the security and fire safety reports and the Employee Assistance Program at (409) 772-2485 for a copy of the drug-free campus brochure.
Please read this material carefully and share it with your colleagues, so we can all work together to maintain a safe, drug-free campus community