By Souby George

Adult Americans spend a lot of time in the workplace. Creating a culture of wellness at the worksite may improve employees’ health, and a full wellness program can have financial and human benefits. Physical activity should be a major part of any wellness plan. Increasing physical activity in the workplace can make existing wellness programs more comprehensive and is a great way to start a new program.

Taking the stairs is one way to be more physically active. At work, employees are often presented with a choice between taking the stairs and taking an elevator. Choosing the stairs instead of the elevator is a quick way for people to add physical activity to their day.
The UTMB Health Promotion team has partnered with the Nursing Night Council to launch an initiative to create opportunities for a healthier work environment and in turn, a healthier you.
Upcoming activities geared to enhance team work, morale and education include:
  • Dedicated physical activity events, stairs, walking routes, active breaks
  • Mini educational seminars
  • Improved overall nutritional offerings and education
For more information, contact Souby George, Amy Carroll or Elvia Gomez.  Click here to take a brief health promotion survey.