September 21, 2010

UTMB calls for volunteers to participate in nationwide research registry is a not-for-profit secure website designed to connect those who are interested in research opportunities... read article »

MyChart rollout is complete

Patients who are more actively involved in their health care have been shown to be more satisfied with their health care experiences... read article »

Building a better UTMB

In a continuing effort to upgrade and improve facilities in John Sealy Hospital Towers, public restrooms... read article »

Around campus

The UTMB surplus equipment auction is under way and will run online through July 6. The online auction is open to the public... read article »

 July 1, 2011

Cancer survivors celebrate life

Every day the scenario is repeated: a person in a doctor’s office hears the word “cancer.” From that moment, his or her perspective of the world changes... read article »

New Medical Careers Diversity Program celebrates graduates

The newly-funded UTMB Hispanic Center of Excellence completed its first undergraduate summer enrichment program, also known as the... read article »

Of suits, scrubs and students

The “students” I can spot a mile away, adorned in flip-flops and backpacks, with that eager look of learning, and the occasional short white coat and shiny stethoscope... read article »

Making an Impact: How are we doing?

take our survey Impact has now been online for a little more than a year and we would like to know what you think.  We are conducting a readership survey to find out how we're doing. So take a few minutes to take our survey and let us know what you like, what you would like to see more of and any suggestions on how we can make your employee newsletter better. 

We look forward to hearing from you!

Contact Impact

Contact Impact

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Town Hall - The state of UTMB

The most recent UTMB Town Hall meeting took place at noon on Monday, June 27, in Levin Hall main auditorium. President David Callender provided an update on the legislative session and how it affects our budget, You Count! and the action planning process, and steps we’re taking to make our vision for the future a reality... read article »

It's Hurricane season - Are you ready?

With the 2011 hurricane season in its first month, we want to make every member of the UTMB community aware of several important developments... read article »

UTMB faculty honored by Academy of Master Teachers

Six members of the Academy of Master Teachers have been awarded the honorific title of Distinguished Teaching Professor, a distinction given to recognize faculty members who have made significant contributions to education... read article »

Shining Stars

Drs. Verne, Melby, Fujise, Valentine and Singh receive accolades ... read article »