O-1 Visa Information

The O-1 visa classification is for temporary employment of an “Alien of Extraordinary Ability in the Sciences, Arts, Education, Business, or Athletics”. It is appropriate for individuals who can document sustained international recognition for their original achievements within a specialized field. Criteria to qualify for this category match those required for an “employment-based” immigrant petition as an “Alien of Extraordinary Ability”.

UTMB Policy for Sponsorship of Individuals for O-1 Visas

Office of International Affairs is responsible for determining eligibility for sponsorship of an O-1 visa petition for UTMB employment. Consideration of O-1 visa processing by the Office of International Affairs for a UTMB employee, or prospective employee, must be requested by the employing department, division, center or institute. UTMB sponsorship is available for “faculty equivalent” positions. “Faculty equivalent” positions are those with UTMB job titles including: Research Scientist, Instructor, Assistant Professor , Associate Professor, or Full Professor. The position must include a significant research component. It may also include teaching duties and clinical patient care consistent with UTMB clinical faculty positions. It is not appropriate for positions that strictly involve clinical patient care. It is also not appropriate for clinical training positions such as those of Medical Resident or Medical Fellow.

Documentation Required for an O-1 Petition

At the request of a UTMB department a memorandum on O-1 Visa Requirements will be personalized and provided to the prospective faculty employee and the sponsoring department. Further information and assistance may be requested from the Legal Affairs, International Affairs.

Pre-Arrival Data Sheet - Must be completed by all foreign nationals seeking visas status for UTMB and provided to prospective UTMB supervisor who will forward it to the Office of International Affairs with the visa request.

Checklist to Apply for O-1 Visa Classification

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