H-1B Visa Information

General Information

Pre-Arrival Data Sheet - Must be completed by all foreign nationals seeking visas status for UTMB and provided to prospective UTMB supervisor who will forward it to the Office of International Affairs with the visa request.

Special Rules for Healthcare Workers - details about the "Visa Screen" requirement for nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech-language pathologists, medical technologists, medical technicians, and physician assistants.

H-1B Visa Process Checklist

Clinical H-1B Visa Process Checklist

H-1B Clinical Checklist for Physicians that do not have FLEX or USMLE I II & III (All three parts - "Exceptional Ability Checklist")

Clinical Faculty Rotation Form

Clinical Resident/Fellow Rotation Form

Deemed Export Questionnaire - Required for all H-1B applications including amendment/extension

UTMB Policy on Premium Processing

UTMB Policy on H-1B Portability

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