Information about Permanent Residency Based on UTMB Employment

A permanent resident (“green card” holder) of the United States is eligible to live and work in the U.S. indefinitely provided a U.S. residence is maintained. Maintenance of a residence normally entails owning or renting a dwelling and paying U.S. taxes. Employment eligibility is unlimited (except for some government jobs that may require U.S. citizenship.) Permanent residents may serve in the armed forces, but not vote, in the U.S.

An application for status as a permanent resident may be “family-based” or “employment-based”. Only information about “employment-based” applications for permanent residency based on full-time, “permanent” offers of employment with UTMB will be discussed on this web page.

Pre-Arrival Data Sheet - Must be completed by all foreign nationals seeking visas status for UTMB and provided to prospective UTMB supervisor who will forward it to the Office of International Affairs with the visa request.

UTMB Policy on Permanent Residency

UTMB Policy on Permanent Residency for Nurses

Immigrant Petitions (I-140)

Summary of Employment-Based Categories Requirements for Employment-Based Immigrant Petition (Form I-140)

Adjustment of Status

The final stage of the permanent residency application process is to complete and file Form I-485, application for adjustment of status, and required attachments. It is the process by which the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services determines determines your personal eligibility for permanent residency. Because it is a complex process involving many supporting documents, and any error or omission can result in serious delays or consequences, we strongly recommend that you hire a private attorney specializing in immigration and nationality law to prepare this application for you. This process does not involve UTMB as your employer, and the International Affairs Office cannot prepare this application for you. However, you may wish to review these Tips on Adjustment of Status before getting started.

For general information about both “family-based” and “employment-based” permanent residency visit the links provided in this page:

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