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City Recognizes Center for Addiction Research

UTMB’s Center for Addiction Research was honored by Galveston City Council for its support of National Drug Facts Week, Jan. 28 – Feb. 3. This initiative sponsored by the National Institute of Health encourages teens to ask questions about drugs and their abuse in a safe and scientific environment. The Center has partnered with the Galveston County Community Coalition to support activities surrounding the initiative in Galveston schools for the past three years.

Those pictured include:   Emily Low, a student at O'Connell College Prepartory High School who adopted National Drug Facts Week as her senior project; Jennifer Hart, Galveston County Community Coalition Liaison, BACODA (Bay Area Council on Drugs and Alcohol); Elizabeth Beeton, Galveston City Council Member for District 3; Kathryn Cunningham, Ph.D., Director, UTMB Center for Addiction Research; and Mary Beth Trevino, Galveston County Community Coalition Coordinator, BACODA. 


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