Final Agenda | Registration Form

8:00–9:00 am Registration, Breakfast, Coffee and Poster Set-up
9:00–9:15 am Welcome Address
  Dr. Scott Weaver
IHII Director
Dr. Ashok Chopra
McLaughlin Chairman
9:15–10:00 pm Tuberculosis Research at TAMU-College Station
  9:15–9:30 am Dr. David McMurray "TNF-alpha in the Guinea Pig Model of Pulmonary TB: Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde?"
  9:30–9:45 am Dr. Amminikutty Jeevan "Mechanism of UV Radiation-induced Suppression of Resistance to M.tb Infection in BCG-vaccinated Guinea Pigs"
  9:45–10:00 am Dr. Harish Janagama "Molecular Analysis of Tuberculosis Pathogenesis"
10:00–10:45 am Tuberculosis Epidemiology and Research at TMHRI-Houston
  10:00–10:15 am Dr. Ed Graviss "TB Epidemiologic Studies Consortium (TBESC) Projects"
  10:15–10:30 am Ms. Marsha Feske "Geographic Time Series Analysis of Harris County TB Cases"
  10:30–10:45 am Dr. Pedro Flores-Villanueva "The Two-locus Genotype -2518 MCP-1 GG and -1607 MMP-1 2G/2G Influences Severe Pulmonary Tuberculosis"
10:45–11:00 am Coffee Break
11:00–12:15 pm Tuberculosis Research at UTHSC-Tyler
  11:00–11:15 am Dr. Ramakrishna Vankayalapati "Innate and Adaptive Immune Responses to Human M.tb Infection"
  11:15–11:30 am Dr. Buka Samten "Immune Regulatory Function of Secreted M.tb Proteins"
  11:30–11:45 am Dr. Zissis Chroneos "Prolonged Survival of the SR-A-Deficient Mice to Pulmonary M.tb"
  11:45 am–12:00 pm Dr. Murty Madiraju "Regulation of Replication of Tubercle Bacillus"
  12:00–12:15 pm Dr. Malini Rajagopalan "M.tb Proliferation Machinery and its Regulation"
12:15–1:15 pm Lunch
1:15–1:45 pm TB Research and Facilities at UTMB-Galveston
  1:15–1:30 pm Dr. James LeDuc "Galveston National Laboratory Research Facilities"
  1:30–1:45 pm Dr. Janice Endsley "Immune Dysregulation in HIV/M.tb co-infection"
1:45–2:45 pm TB Research at UTHSC-Houston
  1:45–2:00 pm Dr. Robert Hunter "On the Pathogenesis of Post Primary Tuberculosis"
  2:00–2:15 pm Dr. Shen-An Hwang "Lactoferrin, an Adjuvant to Enhance Efficacy of BCG"
  2:15–2:30 pm Dr. Jeff Actor "Lactoferrin as a Therapeutic to Modulate M.tb-Induced Immunopathology"
  2:30–2:45 pm Dr. Chinnaswamy Jagannath "Regulation of BCG Induced Vaccine Immunity by Toll- like Receptor (TLR) Ligands"
2:45–3:15 pm Clinical and Genetics TB Research at San Antonio
  2:45–3:00 pm Dr. Subramanian Dhadayuthapani "TB Research at RAHC, Edinburg, TX"
  3:00–3:15 pm Dr. Lisa Armitige "Clinical efforts at the Heartland National TB Center"
3:15–3:30 pm Coffee Break
3:30–3:45 pm Anti-mycobacterial Drug Research at Texas Southern University-Houston
    Dr. Omonike Olaleye "Characterization of Methionine Aminopeptisdase Inhibitors"
3:45–4:00 pm TB Efforts at DSHS
    Dr. Charles Wallace "Update on TB Prevention and Control"
4:00–4:15 pm UTHSC-Houston, Brownsville Regional Campus
    Dr. Blanca Restrepo "Nature of the Association Between TB and Diabetes"
4:15–4:30 pm Pediatric TB Research at Baylor College of Medicine
    Dr. Andrea Cruz "Performance of IFNγ Release Assays for Diagnosis of TB in Children"
4:30–4:45 pm Mycobacteria Research at MD Anderson
    Dr. Xiang-Yang Han "Mycobacteria Research at MD Anderson"
4:45–5:00 pm Development of TB Diagnostics at Rice University
    Dr. Mark Pierce "Low-cost Miniature Microscopy for Diagnosis of Tuberculosis"
5:00–6:00 pm PIs meet to Discuss Grants, Collaboration, Publication in Tuberculosis
6:00–7:30 pm Poster Session, Dinner & Reception