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Former Postdoctoral Fellows

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Name Department Sponsor
Year: 2012-2014
Eastwood, Gillian Pathology Weaver, Scott
Ponnusamy, Duraisamy Microbiology & Immunology Chopra, Ashok
Velayutham, Thangam Sudha Pediatrics Casola, Antonella
Year: 2011-2013
Bohannon, Julia Anesthesiology Sherwood, Edward
Módis, Katalin Anesthesiology Szabó, Csaba
Saldarriaga, Omar Internal Medicine / Infectious Diseases Melby, Peter
Year: 2010-2012
Kalveram, Birte Pathology Ikegami, Tetsuro
Murakami, Shin Microbiology & Immunology Makino, Shinji
Teixeira, Bruno Pathology Valbuena, Gustavo
Year: 2009-2011
Asai, Akira Internal Medicine / Infectious Diseases Fujio Suzuki
Terasaki, Kaori Microbiology & Immunology Shinji Makino
Year: 2008-2010
Hogg, Alison Microbiology & Immunology Endsley, Janice
Desai, Mayura Microbiology & Immunology Sun, Jiaren
Forrester, Naomi Pathology Weaver, Scott
Year: 2007-2009
Pathology Walker, David
Yoshikawa, Tomoki Microbiology & Immunology Tseng, Kent and Peters, CJ
Vitaliy, Starosta Biochemistry &
Molecular Biology
Kurosky, Alexander
Das, Sandhya Biochemistry &
Molecular Biology
Rajarathnam, Krishna
Year: 2006-2008
Adams, Alison Pathology Weaver, Scott
Gal Tanamy, Meital Microbiology & Immunology Lemon, Stanley
Ikegami, Tetsuro Microbiology & Immunology Makino, Shinji
Year: 2005-2007
Kamitani, WataruMicrobiology & Immunology Makino, Shinji
Pinchuk, Iryna Internal Medicine Powell, Don W
Year: 2005-2006
Mateo, Rosa Internal Medicine Tesh, Robert B
Year: 2004-2006
Brobey, Reynolds Microbiology & Immunology Soong, Lynn
Chua, Pong Kian Pathology Shih, Chiaho
Fadl, Amin Microbiology & Immunology Chopra, Ashok
Huang, Cheng Microbiology & Immunology Makino, Shinji
Yang, Yan Microbiology & Immunology Lemon, Stanley
Year: 2004-2005
Beasley, David WC Pathology Barrett, Alan

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