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MD-PhD Program - Biomedical Engineering

UTMB/UT-Austin Dual Degree Program in Bioengineering

Important 2015 Application Cycle Announcement:

The Dual Degree MD-PhD Program at The University of Texas Medical Branch and The University of Texas at Austin (The Austin Program) is no longer accepting students. A new MD-PhD Program for the UT Dell Medical School will take its place at some point in the future.

Applicants pursuing MD/PhD training at UTMB are encouraged to apply to The University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB) MD/PhD Combined Degree Program. Questions regarding MD/PhD applications to the UTMB MD/PhD Combined Degree Program should be directed to Claiborne Fant at (409) 772-8145.


To apply for admission to the bioengineering program: An application must be completed via the Texas Medical Dental School Application Services (TMDSAS) prior to October 1 of each year. Please check the MD/PhD box for "UT Austin-UTMB."

UTMB participates in a joint MD-PhD Degree Program (Biomedical Engineering) in cooperation with The University of Texas at Austin. Students accepted into this program spend their first two years in medical school at UTMB, followed by three years of Ph.D. course and research work at UT Austin, culminating with the Ph.D. degree in Biomedical Engineering conferred by UT Austin. The Ph.D. studies are followed by eighteen months of clinical rotations at UTMB, at which time the M.D. degree is conferred by UTMB.

Three letters of recommendation are required, one of which should address your promise as a research scientist. The letters should be sent to:

Claiborne Fant
UTMB/UT-Austin MD-PhD Dual Degree Program
301 University Boulevard
Galveston, TX 77555-1041

Attention applicants: Application instructions are noted in italics at the top of this page. Please pay careful attention and note that applications for the bioengineering program must be received via TMDSAS.

For more information on this program please visit: http://www.mdphd.utexas.edu/


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