Integrated Curriculum Evaluation Exercise

                                                                          Instructions for Students
                                                           Clinical Exam Standards       Professionalism & Grooming

  ICEE Phase 1
      (Begins Period 1)

   Student Orientation
  Physical Diagnosis Skills Tasks
Interpersonal/Communication Skills(Updated 06/20/15)
     ICEE Phase 2
                (Periods 4 & 5)

         Student Orientation
        Phase II Reqirements
        Oral Presentation Guide
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Suggestions for ICEE Performance:

Myths about Skills Exam Performance Common avoidable mistakes Selecting Diagnoses for Written Notes Maintenance Therapy in Children Approach to Written Note Skills Approach to Professionalism Skills Approach to Interview & Physical Exam Skills

                      Faculty Role in ICEE    Faculty Orientation

                                                           Course Contacts