Pomila Singh, Ph.D.

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Dr. Pomila Singh's laboratory is currently investigating the molecular mechanisms by which progastrins and AnnexinA2 increase expression of stem cell markers in cancer cells, and the mechanisms by which chemopreventive dietary agents inhibit the expression of cancer stem cells. As of 2012, Dr. Singh's laboratory has published 130 peer-reviewed papers. Her laboratory has been funded by the NIH continuously for the past 30 years, since she joined UTMB as an Assistant Professor. Dr. Singh has been awarded three patents, licensed one technology, and submitted several additional patent applications for treatment and diagnosis of cancers.  She is continuing to serves on study sections for the NIH. She has received several awards during her tenure and was named the Edna Seisheimer Levin Professor of Cancer Studies in 2000. She is an active member of the American Gastroenterology Association and the American Associate of Cancer Research. The AGA Institute recently named her a Senior AGA Fellow.

Besides research, Dr. Singh is heavily involved in teaching medical students and graduate students at UTMB. Dr. Singh was awarded the 2011 Distinguished Faculty Service Award and the 2011 Graduate Student Organization Distinguished Teaching Award voted by the students. Dr. Singh was named the Mary and J. Palmer Saunders Professorship for Excellence in Teaching, which is the highest honor recognized by the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences.


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Pomila Singh

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