Ok-Ho Shin, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

  • Affiliation:
    Neuroscience and Cell Biology
  • Route: 1069, 2.138F Medical Research Building
  • Tel: (409) 772-1188
  • Fax: (409) 762-9382
  • okshin@utmb.edu
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Ok-Ho Shin, Ph.D.


08/1992 - 12/1996    PhD, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
03/1987 - 02/1989    MS, Seoul National University, Korea
03/1983 - 02/1987    BS, Seoul National University, Korea

Research Interests

We study Ca2+-regulated exocytosis, and our current focus is the sympathetic nervous system that regulates norepinephrine release in the heart.

Our ongoing research projects include 1) modification of Ca2+ sensor in the paravertebral ganglia; 2) identification of Ca2+ sensors and SNAREs that mediate norepinephrine release in the cardiac sympathetic nerve terminals; and 3) role of membrane lipids in the regulation of Ca2+ sensors.

We identify the responsible proteins/molecules that regulate neurotransmitter release by employing biochemical and molecular biological tools, and then study their functions using animal models.

Publications (recent 5 years)

Shih AM, Shin OH (2011) Interactions among the SNARE proteins and complexin analyzed by a yeast four-hybrid assay. Anal. Biochem.416, 107-111.

Xue M, Craig TK, Shin OH, Yi L, Brautigam CA Tomchick DR, Südhof TC, Rosenmund C, Rizo J (2010) Structural and mutational analysis of functional differentiation between synaptotagmins-1 and -7. PLoS One 5, e12544.

Shin OH, Lu J, Rhee JS, Tomchick DR, Pang ZP, Wojcik S, Camacho-Perez M, Brose N, Machius M, Rizo J, Rosenmund C, Südhof TC (2010) Munc13 C2B domain is an activity-dependent Ca2+ regulator of synaptic exocytosis. Nat. Struct. Mol. Biol. 17, 280-288.

Shin OH, Xu J, Rizo J, Südhof TC (2009) Differential but convergent functions of Ca2+-binding to synaptotagmin-1 C2-domains mediate neurotransmitter release. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 106, 16469-16474.

Xu J, Pang ZP, Shin OH, Südhof TC (2009) Synaptotagmin-1 functions as a Ca2+-sensor for spontaneous release. Nat. Neurosci. 12, 759-766.

Maximov A, Shin OH, Lui X, Südhof TC (2007) Synaptotagmin-12, a synaptic vesicle phosphoprotein that modulates spontaneous neurotransmitter release. J. Cell Biol. 176, 113-124.

Pang ZP, Shin OH, Meyer AC, Rosenmund C, Südhof TC (2006) A gain-of-function mutation in synaptotagmin-1 reveals a critical role of Ca2+-dependent soluble N-ethylmaleimide-sensitive factor attachment protein receptor complex binding in synaptic exocytosis. J. Neurosci. 26, 12556-12565.

Tang J, Maximov A, Shin OH, Dai H, Rizo J, Südhof TC (2006) A complexin/synaptotagmin-1 switch controls fast synaptic vesicle exocytosis. Cell 126, 1175-1187.

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Li LY, Shin OH, Rhee JS, Arac D, Rah JC, Rizo J, Südhof TC, Rosenmund C (2006) Phosphatidylinositolphosphates as coactivators of Ca2+-binding to C2-domains of synaptotagmin 1. J. Biol. Chem. 281, 15845-15852.