The UTMB Society for Cell Biology includes all current Cell Biology graduate students and serves as a network of support and camaraderie throughout the program. 





The SoCB selects and hosts the bi-annual Pomerat lecturer, which have recently included Nobel laureates Andy Fire, Martin Chalfie, and Sydney Brenner.  The SoCB also organizes social activities such as new student welcome events and service efforts including fundraising teams for the D'feet Breast Cancer Walk/Run.


Current officers:


President: Serena Clark slclark@utmb.edu

Vice-President: Dan Jackson dp3jacks@utmb.edu

Secretary: Mythri Krishnamurthy mameenak@utmb.edu

Treasurer: Maryann Manavalan mamanava@utmb.edu




Next Meeting: TBD, NCB conference room, noon.