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Mission Statement

The mission of the Division of Reproductive Endocrinology is to provide state of the art patient care with all available reproductive technologies, maintain a scholarly educational program for students and residents, train fellows who will become leaders in the field of Reproductive Endocrinology and conduct innovative clinical and basic research which is internationally recognized.  

Patient Care

For more information or an appointment, please call: 1-800-509-BABY (1-800-509-2229) 

University Fertility Center

1804 FM 646 West, Suite N

Dickinson, Texas 77539

(281) 335-1942


Our department provides state of the art patient care in the following capacities: 

  • Treatment of infertility including assisted reproductive technologies (IVF, ISCI, IUI)

  • Evaluation and treatment of excessive facial hair growth 

  • Comprehensive care of menopausal women 

  • Evaluation of delayed puberty

  • Reconstruction of developmental anomalies of the reproductive tract


The faculty members at UTMB are dedicated to clinical and basic research to advance the field of Reproductive Endocrinology. Ongoing projects requesting volunteer participants include:

    Premenopausal Women for the Soy Diet Study. To investigate the role of plant estrogens (isoflavones) in prevention of breast cancer. Compensation for participation.

    Women with polycystic ovary syndrome to evaluate insulin resistance.

For more information call Nina Kneblik or John Phelps, M.D. at 281-335-1942.


The division of Reproductive Endocrinology participates in educating Ob/Gyn residents and medical students through almost daily conferences and rotations through the Menopause and Infertility clinics.  


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