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September 10, 2008
Dr. Longo and Dr. Falquez
February 11, 2009
Dr. Hardy and Dr. Basraon

June 17, 2009

Dr. Law and Dr. Eastep

October 29, 2008
Dr. Dao and Dr. Byno

March 25, 2009
Dr. Doyle and Dr. Borahay

December 17, 2008
Dr. Mucowski and Dr. Martinez

May 6, 2009

Dr. Burzinski and Dr. Ackerman




 Instructions for Journal Club


Please choose two articles and e-mail them to Shawna Lockwood at


At least 2 weeks prior to the Journal club and in the event you do not have the electronic and/or hard copies of the articles, please e-mail me the titles of the articles and I will retrieve them electronically.


I will then assign and forward those articles to the two residents who have been selected for Journal Club.


The questions that are used for every Journal Club are listed below:


1) What was the objective of the study?

2) List the Inclusion/Exclusion criteria

3) Describe the study design

4) Outline the results and conclusion of the study

5) How can this be applied to clinical practice?


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