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Role Modeling vs. Teaching

We can likely all agree that Professionalism can be role-modeled. When working with a student, it is important for us to carefully monitor our own actions.

  • Am I modeling teamwork?
  • Am I a role-model for life-long learning? (keeping up with latest advancements)
  • Can the student see that I am honest and compassionate?
  • Did I do anything to make the student aware of my advocacy efforts? Do I have an advocacy efforts? (e.g. do I inform myself of political candidate's views on matters pertinent to my profession and my patients? Do I support causes which make a difference for my patients and my community?)

So, yes, professionalism can be modeled. But can professionalism be taught? We might ask...

  • Can I teach a student to be more compassionate or more respectful?
  • Can I teach a student to self-monitor her honesty or her goals for excellence?
  • Can I teach teamwork? Or altruism?