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  I utilized the CD version of the presentation        


  I utilized the online version of the presentation        


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  City in which I practice:  
  Number of SOM students in my clinic per year:  
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I agree with the following statements:

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  The presentation was easy to open and begin.      


  I liked the "forward arrow" button to progress through each slide.      


  I benefited from the audio narration. (if applicable)      


  I could hear the audio narration easily. (if applicable)      


  I benefited from the movie clips. (if applicable)      


  I was able to open the links to supplementary documents easily.      


  I was able to print the supplementary documents easily. (if applicable)      


  I benefited from the supplementary documents.      


  I was able to return to the presentation after opening a supplementary document.      


  (If provided) I benefited from the supplemental resource material provided in addition to the presentation (e.g. laminated pocket card)      

The time it took to complete the module was appropriate.

If you answered "no", the module was:          



  I plan to submit the CME credit form. (currently unavailable)      


  The explanations to the CME questions were beneficial. (currently unavailable)      


  The educational objectives were met.      


  The presentation was free of commercial bias.      


  I look forward to future modules.      


  I will apply portions of what I learned from this module during future teaching interactions.      


  Are there any topics you would specifically like a presentation on in the future?


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