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Austin Information

Use this link to access information about UTMB opportunities in Austin.


Houston Information

Use this link to access information about UTMB opportunities in Houston.

Course Coordinators
This page lists all of the 3rd and 4th year course coordinators.  If you have questions about a particular course, please email the appropriate coordinator.

Site Preference Ranking - Due Date for all clerkship preferences is April 18, 2014

Use this website to rank your rotation and ambulatory site preferences for the 3rd year Family Medicine, Pediatric and Internal Medicine Clerkships and the 4th year Ambulatory Community Selective (ACS).


UTMB Medical Student Credentialing - Credentialing paperwork due by June 20, 2014

The community-based clinics and hospitals where you will be working may need you to be properly credentialed before they allow you access to their location.  Please use this link to help us prepare the needed credentialing paperwork before you start working in community based clinics and hospitals.


AHEC Student Form - Due Date for all 3rd and 4th year students is June 20, 2014

The AHEC is a nation-wide, non-profit organization that assists UTMB by identifying preceptors and housing opportunities across the state of Texas for your ambulatory community-based rotations.  In return for their service, the AHEC asks that all UTMB medical students fill out the online 'Student/Resident Form for Community Rotations'.  Every rising 3rd and 4th year UTMB medical student must fill this form out before the academic year begins.


Student Created Sites

Every student has the opportunity to find their own ambulatory preceptor for the 3rd year PEDI, IM and FM Clerkships and the 4th year Ambulatory Community Selective (ACS).  This link lists the rules you must follow when finding your own preceptor.  It also have the forms needed to complete the process.  Don't start asking of a physician's teaching time until you have read the rules for 'student-created' ambulatory sites.


ACS Course Information

Use the following links to help you figure out which ACS course you should choose during your 4th year.

  • ACS Online Brochure

    This page lists all of the available ACS Courses.  Click on each course to see the syllabus, periods offered, course details, etc.

  • ACS Site Preference Website Due date for entering your preferences: April 18, 2014

    Every student must list their ACS site preferences.  If at all possible, please avoid the Galveston, Austin or Houston areas.  Too many students request these three locations each year and we just don't have enough Community Teaching Physicians to satisfy everyone's desire to work in those three cities.  Tell me where you have available housing around the state with family or friends.

  • ACS Helpful Hints

    This page gives you a little more information about each course that may not be well defined in the course descriptions or syllabi.

Areas of Scholarly Concentration ("Tracks")

View the different 'Areas of Scholarly Concentration' offered to UTMB medical students.  The purpose is to provide interested students opportunities to receive expanded learning experiences in non-specialty-based areas of emphasis while completing the 4-year Integrated Medical Curriculum.


Resource Links

Helpful links for medical students.  Please suggest websites that may not be listed.


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