Office of Educational Outreach

National Space Biomedical Reseach Institute Program

Teacher Professional Development Institute

Committed to fostering excellence in curriculum development in space sciences among high school science teachers from HISD and Galveston County School Districts. Funded by a grant from NSBRI (

Program Activities

  • Acquire background knowledge in space science through "behind the scenes" tour of NASA/JSC
  • Visit Space Center Houston and perform hands-on activities
  • Visit the NASA Education Resource Center and obtain free posters and resource material
  • Develop space-related instructional materials for class use
  • Receive resource materials valued at $400 and establish a Space Biomedical Science Resource Center on home campus with materials provided
  • Once fully-developed and field tested, instructional materials will be published on our web-site
  • Participating teachers receive a $1,500 stipend upon program completion
  • Includes a two week summer session and 4 follow-up sessions during the academic year

How to Apply

Complete and submit the application forms (forms and info). For additional information, please contact Dr. Marguerite Sognier.

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