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New Bachelor's or Master's Program Development

Internal Steps

  • OIE supports and assists a school in the completion of a proposal which shows the program complies with the THECB Standards for Bachelor's and Master's Programs.
  • The Academic Affairs Council (AAC) reviews the proposal. If approved, the AAC endorses the proposal.
  • The Council of Deans (COD) reviews the endorsed proposal. If approved, the COD forwards the proposal to the President.
  • The President reviews the proposal. If approved, the President signs the THECB Certification Form then forwards it to UT System for review.

External Steps

  • UT System Board of Regents review the proposal. If approved, the proposal is sent to THECB.
  • THECB reviews the proposal. If approved, the new program is approved and the University is notified.


  • The University receives a letter of approval from the THECB.
  • OIE supports and assists the director in the development of an assessment plan for the new program. IEEC reviews and approves the assessment process.