Educational Support Services

Every educational support service at UTMB engages in some type of mandatory assessment process (? is there an IHOP Policy 10.1.1) to meet accountability standards and to ensure their quality and effectiveness. (? using key quality indicators. The services identify expected outcomes, assesses extent to which each service achieves these outcomes, and provides evidence of improvement based on analysis of the results.

This internal process is focused on educational support services in accordance with SACS Principles of Accreditation, Comprehensive Standard The Office of Institutional Effectiveness facilitates this process annually and publishes the information for the university.

Other sources for service improvements may include internal and/or external reviews, service-specific accreditation requirements, as well as input from students or new management. Advances in technology and methodologies also are cited as reasons for improvement to services and expected outcomes.

Student Learning Outcomes Statements

Assessment Documents

Use of Program Assessment Findings

Evidence of Student Learning

Assessment Resources

Acadmic and Student Support Services at UTMB identify expected outcomes, assesses outcome results, and publish the improvements made based on analysis of the results in each area. The Office of Institutional Effectiveness oversees this process and publishes the information for the university. Their reviews are conducted annually.

  • Strategic Planning
  • Assessment of Performance
  • Analysis of Assessment
  • Use of Analysis for Improvement