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The mission of the Office of Institutional Effectiveness (OIE) is to coordinate assessment, facilitate accreditation, assist in the development of new academic programs and report institutional information that supports UTMB planning and decision-making with an emphasis on academic activities.

OIE coordinates assessment efforts:

  • Guides units with the development of objectives
  • Assists units with the assessment of performance against objectives
  • Monitors the collection of assessment results
  • Reports the improvements initiated based on the assessment results
OIE coordinates and supports accreditation efforts:

  • Assists the university with regional accreditation
  • Assists areas with discipline specific accreditation
  • Maintains accreditation status information
OIE provides institutional research and reports to the university, the state, and the federal government:

  • Serves as the official reporting group for educational and other statistics
  • Submits mandatory and ad hoc reports to state and federal agencies
  • Responds to requests for information about the university
OIE guides the development of new academic programs:

  • Serves as a source of information for program directors
  • Acts as advisor regarding UTMB, UT System and Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board Requirements
  • Documents and reports new program to required entities