OMC News

July 2011:

New BSL2 microscopy facility at MRB.

Live Cell Confocal and TIRF Microscope.


Adriana Paulucci PhD
409-7723970 (lab)
409-7470019 (office)
Office: 10th floor MRB Room 10.138H
Labs: 10th floor, MRB room 10.120 and 4th floor MRB, room 4.126

Dr. Paulucci is a Scientist with a Ph.D. in Biochemistry . During her Ph.D. she studied protein folding using general biochemistry, molecular biology and biophysics tools, such as fluorescence and circular dicrhoism. Dr. Paulucci took a post-doctoral training in the Sealy Center for Cancer Cell Biology at UTMB where she had the opportunity to study cell migration in cancer cells. Her biochemical and biophysical background contributed on her studies where she assessed the spatial distribution of PKA activity via Fluorescence Energy Transfer technology (FRET), by imaging “in situ”, during the polarization and migration of colon cancer cells. Dr. Paulucci is the manager for Optical Microscope Core since March 2009 and she has long experience with fluorescence microscopy specially on confocal. Dr. Paulucci has also been involved on collaborative projects with people from different background at UTMB, helping to develop projects that use FRAP, FRET and other very exciting techniques in microscopy.