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July 2011:

New BSL2 microscopy facility at MRB.

Live Cell Confocal and TIRF Microscope.



Basic Imaging Systems, Nikon Eclipse 800 upright and Nikon TE300 inverted microscopes:

E800_TE300These are manual microscopes equipped for both transmission and epifluorescence imaging. A halogen and a mercury lamp (E800) or a xenon lamp (TE300) provide illumination for both imaging modes respectively. There are two cameras available on these setups: A Nikon DXM1200 color camera, used for color brightfield microscopy and a Photometrics CoolSnap FX 12 bit monochrome cooled CCD camera used for phase contrast, DIC and epifluorescence applications. A high resolution condenser and a wide range of objective lenses (from 2x air to 100x 1.4 NA oil immersion) are available. For these microscope the OMC has a selection of 20 different epifluorescence filter cube sets for dyes ranging from DAPI (near UV) to Cy5 (Near infrared).

Transmission Imaging: These microscopes can be used for digital imaging of color stained (e.g. H&E stains) fixed histological or cell culture preparations by color brightfield microscopy.The E800 microscope is also equipped for phase contrast and differential interference contrast (DIC, Nomarski) microscopy, these techniques are very useful to provide morphological reference images in cellular preparations during epifluorescence studies.

Epifluorescence Imaging: The E800 upright microscope is ideal for imaging of fixed samples mounted in histological slides. It is a very simple and reliable tool for applications that do not require the optical sectioning capabilities of confocal microscopes. The software MetaVue is configured with custom functions for friendly and efficient operation. In a typical session, multiple color fluorescence channels and transmission (DIC, Phase) reference images are acquired independently and then easily combined into single multichannel images. Offline image analysis workstations equipped with the latest version of Metamorph are available for image processing including automated quantification features.

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