OMC News

July 2011:

New BSL2 microscopy facility at MRB.

Live Cell Confocal and TIRF Microscope.



Olympus Fluoview 1000 inverted confocal microscope for imaging of infectious samples at BSL3 containment (GNL):

FV1000BSL3This system, installed within the GNL-BSL3 containment laboratory is equipped with a full enclosure incubator system with CO2 and humidity control. This system is dedicated for the study of live cell preparations infected with agents requiring BSL2 or BSL3 containment. Access is restricted to authorized users of the GNL-BSL3 bio-containment facility. The system is an Olympus FluoView 1000 confocal configured on an IX81 inverted microscope. Excitation for confocal microscopy is provided by 4 lasers with lines at 405, 457, 488, 514, 559 and 633 nm. The 405 nm laser provides the ability to image near UV dyes such as DAPI, optimal excitation of Quantum dots and the ability to photoactivate GFP. The system is equipped with 3 fluorescence signal detectors and one transmitted light detector. Two of the fluorescence detectors are capable of spectral imaging by means of a diffraction grating and movable slits. Spectral points are acquired sequentially with a resolution as good as 2 nm. Specialized techniques include FRAP and intensity based FRET measurements.The microscopy room is equipped with cell culture incubator and a biosafety class II cabinet for handling of biohazardous samples. This microscope is not available for independent operation, a member of the core staff should be running the system operation at all times during the imaging sessions.

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