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Dr. Carolyn J Oliver
About Our Benefactor

Carolyn Oliver, M.D., J.D.

Carolyn Oliver, M.D., J.D.Dr. Oliver went to medical school because she wanted to help people, and because she found medical science fascinating. After a first year residency (internship) in Internal Medicine, Dr. Oliver left the program to go into general practice, and also practiced as an emergency room physician.

Dr. Oliver decided to concentrate her professional career to advocate for more patient participation in their healthcare, which she ardently believes leads to better healthcare outcomes, as well as better doctor-patient relationships, and better medicine in general. Dr. Oliver founded Patient Always First in Houston, Texas in 2004. One of its goals is to educate and encourage patients to be more actively involved in their healthcare. Patient Always First offers a free personal health record.

Dr. Oliver is a supporter of the Texas Academy of Family Physicians.

Dr. Oliver has funded several projects that address ethical and quality issues in medicine. She has produced a TV pilot/video series, Misdiagnosed, that relate the stories of patients who have experienced tragedies in the healthcare system, and then point out how they might have been avoided with more knowledgeable patient and family participation. She founded the Oliver Center for Patient Safety and Quality Healthcare at the University of Texas Medical Branch, Galveston. She is the author of "Cautious Care: A Guide for Patients" that is offered at Amazon.com.

Dr. Oliver is a graduate of the UTMB school of medicine and is a graduate of South Texas College of Law.

Dr. Oliver and her former husband have a family charitable foundation that focuses on primary funding to nonprofit charitable medical organizations and educational organizations.

Dr. Oliver resides in Austin, Texas.


Our Current Programs

We have joined with PartnerHealth to pilot test their program titled "Safe and Sound." This program is rolling out with the help of the wonderful staff in the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery and in the John Sealy Hospital Unit 7C.

The Oliver Center promotes healthy lifestyles. We sponsor the UTMB Lunch Bunch where patients can interact with doctors about health topics in a casual setting. Check out one of the videos created with the help of Oliver Center funds.

The Oliver Center awarded Dr. Rana Bonds a one-year grant to test the implementation of a program where patient's are videotaped practicing using their medical devices, sent home with those videos, and reminded regularly to watch them. We hope this expanded patient education will help patients comply with treatment and properly administer their important medications.

In partnership with the Cautious Patient Foundation the Oliver Center helps support audio recording of patient and provider appointments..

digital sound recorder

It began in May 2009, when the Oliver Center provided funding to the Department of Hematology/Oncology to provide digital recorders for UTMB patients who are receiving cancer treatment. Read more...