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Staff and Affiliates
The People Who Make This Possible

The Carolyn J Oliver, MD Center for Patient Safety and Quality Healthcare was dedicated in 2008 with the intent of promoting patient centered care by following four (4) guiding virtues:

Taking the Message and the Medicine Home

Maurice Willis, MD

Dr. Maurice Willis


Bronia Michejenko, JNP

Bronia Michejenko


Hanan Hussein, MD

Dr. Hanan Hussein

Family Medicine

Mukaila Raji, MD

Dr. Mukaila Raji


Cheryl Kelly-Wood

Patient Education Video Program

Tristi Muir

Dr. Tristi Muir


Joseph Sonstein

Dr. Joseph Sonstein


Catalin Jurnalov

Dr. Catalin Jurnalov


Angelica Robinson

Dr. Angelica Robinson


Communication Keys

Thomas Blackwell

Dr. Thomas Blackwell

Internal Medicine

Orson Wells


Our Current Programs

We have joined with PartnerHealth to pilot test their program titled "Safe and Sound." This program is rolling out with the help of the wonderful staff in the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery and in the John Sealy Hospital Unit 7C.

The Oliver Center promotes healthy lifestyles. We sponsor the UTMB Lunch Bunch where patients can interact with doctors about health topics in a casual setting. Check out one of the videos created with the help of Oliver Center funds.

The Oliver Center awarded Dr. Rana Bonds a one-year grant to test the implementation of a program where patient's are videotaped practicing using their medical devices, sent home with those videos, and reminded regularly to watch them. We hope this expanded patient education will help patients comply with treatment and properly administer their important medications.

In partnership with the Cautious Patient Foundation the Oliver Center helps support audio recording of patient and provider appointments..

digital sound recorder

It began in May 2009, when the Oliver Center provided funding to the Department of Hematology/Oncology to provide digital recorders for UTMB patients who are receiving cancer treatment. Read more...