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Shared Decision Making

The staff of the Oliver Center is committed to providing immediate use tools that can assist with doctor-patient communication. This extends to training provided to medical personnel about cross-cultural communication. Our attitude is that every patient encounter is a cross-cultural encounter and there are ways we can all adjust our communication patterns to make sure that the provider-patient encounter reaches its maximum potential.

In conjunction with the UTMB Graduate Medical Education office and the Office of Human Resources, the Oliver Center staff delivers education to all resident physicians about interpersonal communication. Examples of some of the tools given to our doctors include education about:

  • The Teach Back Method (The Starbucks way)
  • Klienman's nine questions
  • Alternative word lists
  • The science of using an interpreter (How-to's for beginners)
  • How to create an effective medical-related illustration

Coming soon!

Coming soon!