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Patient Visit Recording Project
Taking the Message and Medicine Home

In May 2009, the Oliver Center provided funding to the Department of Hematology/Oncology to provide digital recorders for UTMB patients who are receiving cancer treatment, so that the patient could have an audio recording of what the nurse or physician said during their visit. Learn more about this project by watching the following video. A description of the project is also available in the tab, "Projects."

How many times have you left the doctor's office and not remembered something. “Do I take the pill on an empty stomach or am I supposed to eat first?” And taking a note pad with you helps but you still miss information. Even having a friend or family member with you doesn't give you the confidence that what you or they remember is correct.

Cancer patients receive an overwhelming amount of information. Cancer patients are not always feeling their best; add to that the emotional strain of dealing with the disease, diminished hearing or language barriers, and it is understandable how information “goes in one ear and out the other.”

The Oliver Center for Patient Safety and Quality Healthcare has provided the Oncology Clinic with a unique opportunity to actually record every patient and care giver encounter.

In late May 2009, all patients of the Oncology Clinic will begin receiving personal tape recorders for their use during all clinical encounters to record and keep an audible diary of what is being said.

It is important for patients to have as much information as possible to ensure continuity of care. The use of the personal recorder complements the Personal Management Kits that The American Cancer Society is providing. These two approaches to storing information will ensure that the patient does not have a break in continuity in the event that the patient travels out of town and requires treatment at another facility. In addition, patients often feel that there is little that they have control over. Knowing that they have a handle on their treatment information is empowering, increases self sufficiency and makes you a viable member of the healthcare team.

These comments are from project participants:
Have you listened to the recorder since your initial visit? Has using the tape recorder assisted with "very good" recall of your appointment? Do you have any suggestions or comments to ensure usage of your tape recorder gives very good results?
Yes I and my daughter have listened. Helped my daughter to encourage me. I think it is great, but it somehow it takes away from the personal discussion.
I haven't used it yet. Should I use it with all my Doctors? I think it will help. I will use it at all my appointments so I can remember.
Yes, with my family. Oh yes, excellent. My Mom and Grandparents love it too. I think it is a very good idea!
Yes, I have listened since my visit. I forget a lot so this has been really good for me. Give one to every patient.
No, we haven't used it yet, but we will before our next visit. This is helpful since my hearing is poor and my wife's memory is bad. Happy to have it (recorder).
It is good for me so I can explain to others. yes None right now.
I haven't listened to it yet, but I taped the nurse and my doctor. I don't remember well so this will save me writing it down Not yet but I'll let you know.
It helps Denise (caregiver) and nurses (assisted living). "Don't know." – Pt
"Yes." - assistive caregiver
Very good idea.
No I haven't yet, but I plan to soon. I think this is great so my daughter may also listen. Give to everyone so they can listen and not write and miss anything.
Not yet, but I will before Friday's chemo. This will help if my wife needs to listen again too. I can take it to the emergency room if I have to go again.
Yes, my children have listened. Yes, I think so. I think it is very progressive.
Not yet. I think it will help. I have to remember to bring it with me.
Yes, with my husband. Yes. I think it is generous of you.
Yes, I have. It helps me remember my to-dos. Very kind to give these out.
Yes. It helps, but depressing to hear over and over. Made patient appointment to come in to see doctor.
Yes. Yes, yes, yes. Makes my kids feel involved. I would like it on line so I can send it too.
No need to listen yet. I think it will help me remember. Good idea if I don't listen.
Yes. Excellent, bless you for caring. Such a good idea.
Not really, just put it on for a friend. I think it will help. I don't want my husband to listen to it.
Not yet, but I will before next visit. Bad memory, so it will help. I need to remember to bring it.
Only one visit on it.   Forgot to bring last 2 times.

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