2.0 Image Analysis & Presentation Computer

2.0  Image Analysis & Presentation Computer


Image analysis, Image presentation

Analysis and Presentation Computer Work Station: An off-line workstation is available for image analysis and development of presentation graphics. The workstation consists of a Dell precision 530 workstation with dual Xeon 1.7 GHz processors; 1GB PC-800 @ 400 MHz Rambus memory; 36 GB SCSI hard drive; 3Dlabs Wildcat III graphics card, with 512 MB; a 16X/10X/40X CDROM read-write; a 20/48X CDROM; and 3.5 floppy drive. The workstation is equipped with dual 21 monitors. Software available for use on the computer includes Zeiss LSM 510 Basic v3.0, Zeiss LSM 510 Physiology v3.0, Zeiss LSM 510 Visart v3.0, and Universal Imaging Inc.s Metamorph v6.0.

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