3.0 Axioplan 2 Fluorescense Microscope

3.0 Axioplan II Fluorsescense Microscope


Fluorescence imaging, phase contrast, digital camera

Axioplan 2 Fluorescence Microscope: This large-format fluorescence microscope is equipped with 10X/0.30 plan-neofluar, 20X/0.60 plan-apochromat, 40X/0.75 PH2 plan-neofluar, 40X/1.30 oil F Fluar, 63X/1.40 oil plan-apochromat, and 100X/1.30 oil plan-neofluar with iris objective lenses; 10X/20 high-eyepoint oculars, and 0.9 NA achromatic-aplanatic condenser with phase and dark-field inserts. An HBO 50W burner and a 100W halogen burner provide illumination. Fluorescence filter sets are available for the following fluorochromes: fluorescein, green fluorescent protein, rhodamine, Texas red, dapi, and several combination filter sets. Images can be recorded with an axiophot 2 dual 35-mm camera system or with a Princeton Instruments high-resolution CCD camera (RTECCD-1300Y/HS). A Sony PVM-14MZMDU monitor, providing real-time images, and a Dell precision 420 workstation support the digital camera system. Universal Imaging Corporationís Metamorph (v6.0) program is used for both image acquisition and analysis.

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