5.0 SLM 4800s Spectrofluorometer

5.0 SLM 4800S Spectrofluorometer


Life-time spectrofluorometry, Ca2+ measurements, enzyme activity in live cells

SLM 4800S Life-time Spectrofluorometer: This custom-manufactured, three-channel life-time spectrofluorometer is designed to handle nearly all measurements required in current cell biology, biochemistry and cell physiology studies. Two five-channel single-wavelength monochromators and a DMX dual-wavelength monochromator are available. A 450W xenon burner provides excitation. A 48000S controller is used to monitor output from the PMTs. The sample chamber provides for both stirring and temperature control with the aid of a Lauda circulating water bath. A number of macros are available to assist with measurements, such as intracellular free Ca2+ concentration.

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