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Francis B. Quinn, Jr., MD, FACS, MS(ICS), PE

Professor Emeritus
Department of Otolaryngology
The University of Texas Medical Branch
Galveston, Texas 77555-0521

Dr. Quinn graduated from Stanford Medical School. He completed a rotating internship at Fitzsimons Army Hospital in Denver, Colorado, and served two years in the United States Air Force as Flight Surgeon. His postgraduate training included two years as resident in Otology and Maxillofacial Surgery at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, and three years as resident in General Surgery and Head and Neck Surgery at the University of California at Los Angeles.

In 1960 he entered private practice. In 1968 he was recruited to join a single-specialty hospital-based group in Atlanta, Georgia. In 1980 he was awarded the degree of Master of Science (Information and Computer Science) at The Georgia Institute of Technology and was appointed Adjunct Professor Information and Computer Science at that institution.

Dr. Quinn joined the UTMB Department of Otolaryngology in January 1982. He was Chief of the Otolaryngology Service for the Texas Department of Criminal Justice - Hospital at Galveston (TDCJ-HG). He held the J.G. Seinsheimer Jr. and Jessie Lee Seinsheimer Professorship in Otolaryngology.

Dr. Quinn and his wife, Melinda Stoner Quinn, are webmasters of the UTMB Otolaryngology web site "Dr. Quinn's Online Textbook of Otolaryngology; Grand Rounds Archive". Click HERE to view the website's history as of 2000. Many Grand Rounds Presentations have been added since 2000.

Dr. Quinn was selected as an Osler Scholar and founding member of the UTMB Osleran Academy. Click here for more information.

Dr. Quinn is a Licensed Professional Engineer and an Advanced Peace Officer in the State of Texas. He holds the following FCC licenses: Extra Class Amateur Radio Operator and FCC General Radiotelephone Operator. Dr. Quinn's FAA certificates and ratings include: Commercial Pilot, Multi-engine Land, Flight Instructor, Flight Instructor Instrument, and Senior Aviation Medical Examiner. He is a member of American Mensa, Intertel, and The International Society for Philosophical Enquiry.

Ms. Quinn was awarded the degree of Master of Science (Information and Computer Science) at The Georgia Institute of Technology.She holds the FCC Extra Class Amateur Radio Operator license.  She is a member of American Mensa, Intertel, NSDAR, Association for Computing Machinery, and is a Life Member of the IEEE and IEEE Computer Society.