Didactic Experiences

Grand Rounds

Our department holds a Grand Rounds conference weekly, consisting of patient case presentations prepared by a resident and a faculty mentor. This conference allows for open discussion and the relaying of the latest evidence-based literature regarding diagnosis and management of the diseases being presented.

Oral Problem Solving

Our department holds weekly oral problem solving sessions for our residents to hone their verbal discussion skills regarding diagnosis and management of various ophthalmologic disorders in all subspecialties. Residents rotate as the examinees, with faculty serving in a rotating fashion as examiners. Immediate feedback is given, with discussion of the case by the examiner as well as by attendees.

Morbidity Mortality and Improvement Conference (MMI)

MMI is a key component of our residents' education. It provides a forum where both faculty and residents can examine improvements in patient care, medical knowledge, interpersonal and communication skills, professionalism and practice-based learning. We have implemented the use of quality improvement software in our discussion to provide detailed "live" analysis of the issue being discussed. Based on audience input we devise an action plan to address the issue. Follow-up on implementation of the action plan occurs at the next MMI to ensure that we are constantly striving to improve our delivery of patient care.